Sunday, 3 May 2015

You thought thrush was just a pain in the....

Hello! I vowed to post lots, I haven't, I'm sorry. 3 main reasons I haven't been posting: 1) easter holidays, 2) conjunctivitis and 3) thrush.
     The easter holidays started so well! We played in the park with my darling niece & her friend. We enjoyed a picnic and rounders, we laughed and planned more adventures to follow. Then I noticed choppers eye was squinty. It all went down hill, rapidly.
I took my little precious 4 month old choppers into the doctors who gave her drops, it was mild conjunctivitis. Within two days that mild case had turned into a full bad eye infection with allergic reaction on top, different drops and oral antibiotics given. 24 hours to make it go down, not even 18 hours managed and things were already much worse, off we were sent over 30 miles to the nearest hospital with a paediatric & eye specialist! More eye stuff & different antibiotics.. We had to manage the weekend. Then Saturday morning, my eyes felt itchy! By the afternoon me and choppers were the red eyed crew! Doodles was so well behaved and helpful for me, looking back now, I swear to god that girl pulls it out of the bag when I need her to!
      So the eyes, by Sunday I can't open my eye and it has spread to the other eye too! Choppers has been on a new ointment which although it was a total pain in the ass to get in (the answer is to play the grand old duke of York on your iphone above their head as a distraction) she seemed to be recovering. I went through a few days of flu & ridiculous eyes, I even woke up in a real blind panic! (I wonder if this saying comes from the wondrous pink eye?) suffice to say at the time it felt like it would never end, but inevitably it did.
       Then of course many antibiotics led to the magnificent thrush! Let's just lay this bare out here. I breastfeed my baby. Exclusively. On demand. Now I don't buy into the breast is best vs formula feeding happy mum club crap. I only managed a few weeks with doodles and then we bottle fed. With choppers, she won't take a bottle, I've tried every brand in every temperature & position. I adore that bond with my baby yes, but the pain is like nothing I've ever known, I would have happily given up breastfeeding forever if it meant the pain would stop. Poor little choppers had it in her mouth, more meds & a poor 'latch' which led to the even more dreaded mastitis. By this point I was ready to hack my tits off with a rusty spoon!
      These last few weeks have been 'thrush'strating! Ha. So, what have we learned? Mr doodles&choppers did not medicate & barely suffered. I'm a neurotic mother according to my unhelpful doctor. Coconut oil cures thrush. Doodles will behave like a total megastar if mum reassembles a zombie and finally, Choppers will have a smile on her face no matter what!
         Till next time.

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