Monday, 6 April 2015

Welcome to doodles&choppers!

Hello all, and warm welcome to you. I thought I would write a blog about being a mum & my life as a sort of reminder to myself and all parents out there that we rock!
Let me tell you all a bit more about me, I'm Luci, I'm 26 (apparently?) I like laughing at people falling over, I'm quite outspoken, I enjoy cake.
   I have two gorgeous, amazing children. First, *Doodles, is a marvellous girl of 8, who is bright, advanced & very funny. Doodles is a high ranked in her class as peer mentor? I'm not entirely sure about all this jumbo jumbo you get at schools nowadays, but it's lovely to see my little girl thriving in her enviroment & helping others. Doodles enjoys minecraft, all the crazy youtube videos that come along with (hello stampycat!) but rarely builds stuff, has mainly found the function of TNT!
    *Choppers is my second daughter, she is 4 months old currently, she likes Russell the butterfly (bright starts flutter & link) and boob milk. Choppers is the smiliest baby (most of the time) and is growing quick!
      There is a Mr. doodles&choppers but he declined to comment, very busy with work/being nagged/crafting with cardboard/catching up on 8 years of missed sleep/being awesome.
     This is us, our life is manic, organised chaos. Having a new baby after 8 (almost 9) years of just one child kind of crazed up life a bit, we all had to adjust, all had to compromise and all had to try that little bit harder! You forget what a newborn is like, you forget what no sleep actually feels like (after telling every single friend who had babies what it is like) you know it's shattering but the memory fades. You forget the pain, the tiredness and the mistakes (nappy on the wrong way anyone?)    Somehow you just muddle through, taking four hours to leave the house, cleaning up poop & sick, panicking about the contents of the baby bag.
      So welcome! I hope you love the blog ❤️

*names changed for protection of privacy. I enjoy writing about my children, they may not feel the same way when they're 13! This way I have my 'get out of jail free card'